Young Entrepreneur-In-Residence 

The Young Entrepreneur-In-Residence (YEIR) is responsible for developing new entrepreneurial opportunities and expanding existing opportunities within the CW&A community. Under the direction of the Managing Partner or an agent thereof, CW&A or the Washington Institute for Social Entrepreneurship (Wise Institute), the YEIR will lecture, mentor student startups, and bring real-world expertise and entrepreneurial practice to aid
Yeir member to start or grow there own ventures.
 Program includes:
Leadership, Entrepreneurship, conflict resolution, and Public Speaking workshops
Cultural exchange with teens from Hong Kong, China, North America countries (Europe, Africa, and Asia)
Teambuilding, sports, arts & crafts, musical performances
Community service, special leadership projects
Certificate in “Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management”

CW&A hopes through our current YER Cohort we will help address the fact that “There are 4.9 million American youth aged 16-24-year-old who are out of school and not working. That’s one-in-seven young people who are disconnected from our economy.”  

 CW&A  specialized experience in assisting persons small business owners & entrepreneurs who are from low-income communities who face financial difficulties, Veterans, LGBTQ+, involvement with the criminal justice system, and at-risk. Underrepresented communities. 
Our Youth Entrepreneurs in Residents (YER) and range from youth who are ages from 16-24 years old, who are justice involved, out of school, in school, have a disability and/or are also not working.