Dr. Connell Wise, DDiv

Founder and Managing Advisor
 At only 29 years old Dr. Connell Wise, DDiv, is the Founder & Managing Partner of CW&A, LLC (Connell Wise & Associates, LLC). Dr. Wise is an Industrial-Organizational Generalist, Certified Public Bookkeeper, and Certified Global Business Development Specialist. He is a former Mayoral Appointee under Adrian M. Fenty where he served as a Commissioner on the DC Commission on National and Community Service. He is also a former District Staff Officer in the United States Coast Guard (Aux) and attended the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary University Program. He is a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, National Association of Executive Coaching, National Small Business Association and the American Association of Business Consultants. Throughout the past decade, he has served in various positions in both government and management. A lifelong learner, he holds three degrees and is also currently working on his Executive MBA at the Jack Welch Management Institute. While also pursuing a PsyD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a focus on Coaching & Consulting.
Connell Wise & Associates, LLC, based in Washington D.C. with an office also located in Hong Kong (SAR) is an International Award-winning social impact advisory firm that focuses on equitable economic development that unlocks the full potential of the local economy by dismantling barriers and expanding opportunities for low-income people and underrepresented communities.
CW&A, LLC achieves our goal of building Entrepreneurial Eco-systems by creating an actual pathway to the middle class. Our goal is attained through providing Educational Assistance, connecting Business-Owners to City Services, providing Access to Capital, and by promoting Social Entrepreneurship and Civic Engagement.
CW&A provides a wide range of full services to our clients including but not limited to business technical assistance, referral services, entrepreneurship training, access to capital, bookkeeping, policy research, information technology (IT) services, and government relations.
Corporate America Today - Boutique Contract Advisory Firm of the Year - USA
Global 100 – Boutique Contract Advisory Firm of the Year & Boutique Advisory Firm of the Year – USA 2018
Advisor Excellence Award for Boutique Advisory of the Year 2018 - USA
CV Magazine - Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 - USA
CV Magazine - Most Outstanding Boutique Business Advisory Firm 2018 – USA
International Advisory Experts Award for Business Services Firm of The Year in the USA
Finance Monthly Global Awards Boutique Contract Advisory Firm of the Year 2018- USA
Finance Monthly Awards Boutique Advisor of the Year 2018 - USA

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